Abba litter

Born  21 march 2015

All puppy’s from the ABBA litter are:
SOD1 (DM): Free by parentage
Blue Dilute: Free by parentage
EOAD (deafness): High Confidence Cleart by parentage
Name NHSB Sex Bite Ridge HD ED OCD LTV   JME Others
1 Hidaya when I look at you
2998367 F Correct Offset Neutered
2 Hidaya the king has lost his crown
2998363 M Correct Correct  A Carrier
3 Hidaya take a chance on me
2998368 F Correct 4 crowns Excessive white feet
4 Hidaya Honey Honey
2998370 F Correct Correct A Free Free Carrier
5 Hidaya Voulez Vous
2998364 M Correct Correct
6 Hidaya does your mother know
2998372 F Correct 3 crowns Dermoid Sinus**


7 Hidaya lay all you love on me
2998373 F Correct Correct Neutered
8 Hidaya Mamma Mia
2998366 F Correct Correct A Free Free  Carrier  Diagnosed with SLO
9 Hidaya Dancing Queen
2998369 F Correct Correct Export Ireland
10 Hidaya Gimme Gimme Gimme
2998371 F Correct Correct  Neutered
11 Hidaya Thank you for the music
2998365 M Correct Correct Export Belgium
** Unless all the checks for DS in the litter, we noticed Ivy got a DS after 5 months of age.
Ivy is operated succesfull, and the DS is removed
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Paerdecroon Diva “Dolce” “Garri” od Kovarovske Hurky
Date of Birth: 13-04-2012                                               Date of Birth:  05-01-2009
Height: 63 cm Height: 67,5 cm
Weight: 33 kg Weight: 40 kg
Bite: Correct Bite: Correct
HD Free / ED-Free HD Free/ ED-Free
Blue Dilute Free / DM Free Blue Dilute Free / DM Free


Pedigree of the puppy’s


Garri of Kovarovske Hurky

C’Hioke Yankee Slunce Zivota Witches Lecreme’s trick Siena’s wind of change
Lecreme’s witches slaroux
Kirby Bohemia Checko Adar Z Lukovskeho Dvora
Arieta Malzenicka Rovina
Aschinte Adarova Dvora Amal Silesian Harta Gino Z Africke Savany
Amalka Brezovsky Haje
Cassinga Al Kham-Sa Aldachir Pacifik
Accra al Kham-Sa
Paerdecroon Diva Dolce Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff Ascot Alta Mirano Amal Silesian Harta
Agnieszka Viva Christo
Zaxxon’s Queen Akilah Dumela Ra Leo
Shavano’s Changa Ninja
Mumoja Glennafric Ulanyo of Zuritamu Usakose the boy from oz at Roodedraai
Entle Neliswa of Glennafric
Ferra’s Chuma Mexx fan under de Mune Kimani’s Image Askari
Shana’s Ferra fan under de Mune



Garri od kovarovske hurky
(mia’s father)

C’Hioke Yankee slunce zivota
 Ashinte Z Adarova Dvora





Paerdecroon Diva Dolce
(Mia’s mother)

Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff