Abba Diary

Dolce’s Belly

Dag 1 Dag 7 Dag 14 Dag 21 Dag 28 Dag 35
19-01-2015 25-01-2015 01-02-2015 08-02-2015 15-02-2015 22-02-2015
60 CM 60 CM 61 CM 64 CM 66 CM 69 CM
Dag 42 Dag 49 Dag 53 Dag 57 Dag 61
01-03-2015 08-03-2015 12-03-2015 16-03-2015 20-03-2015
72 CM 80 CM 84 CM 88 CM 89 CM

Dolce’s temperature

Day 56 Day 57 Day 58 Day 59 Day 60 Day 61 Day 62
15-03-2015 16-03-2015 17-03-2015 18-03-2015 19-03-2015 20-03-2015 21-03-2015
37,8 37,7 37,7 37,1 38,0 38,1 37,3
37,6 37,5 37,7 37,8 37,7 37,3 37,1
37,5 37,9 37,8 37,7 37,7 39,9 X


They puppy’s still grow very good.
Some off them already explore the world outside the litterbox.
They stand better on there feed now.
They start to look like real doggy’s now.
And they are soooooooooooo cute 🙂

All the photoalbums are updated again.

Cick HERE to go to our Hidaya facebookpage, were you can find als the photoalbums.


The puppy’s grow and grow.
By all of them the eyes are starting to get open.
And some of them allready try to “walk” trough the litterbox.
What gave very funny moments to watch for us.

so everything is going very good, and we enjoy the puppy’s very much.
We put a lot of pictures in the 2nd week album again,
so take a look and enjoy with us.


Our Abba’s are already a week old.
They al doubled there birthweight.
we try to keep you up to date everyday with new pictures, movies, and ofourse the webcam.

It is so nice to see how we alreday can see the differen chracters.
Some are more quit, and some are loudly in the house.

And Dolce, she is just a great mommy.
After a week, she starts to leave the whelpingbox now, and is she  taking a sleep together with her friend Rusty.
But as soon as her children call her for food, she will be there for them.

9 of the 11 pedigreenames are accorded by the dutch kennelclub.
Two of the names were refused, so we are waiting now for the accordation of the last 2 names.

After all, we are enjoying our Abba-team so much.

We also started the album of the 2nd week now.
Click HERE to go to the album.

We also made 1 week old headshots.
Click HERE to go to that album.


We are so happy with our abba-team.
They are doing so great and Dolce is a prefect mommy!
They all grow very good.
blue boy is over 600 gram now.
His little sister, pink girl, is a bit smaller with her 360 gram
But nobody get her crazy.


Our litlle abba’s are doing very well!
They eat, sleep and grow, and that is what live is about at the moment.
Also Dolce is doing great.
She being a mother more and more to her puppy’s.


And here they are, our Abba team is born today.
Without many signs, our first puppy was born at 13.05 and
at 21.12 our 11th puppy was there.

Eerything went fine and Dolce and the puppy’s are doing great.
We are very proud of our 11 baby’s.

The next few days we will try to update the website, and
keep you informed with the newest pics and info.


A small update about Dolce.
She is still doing fine.
Everything is going to be a little hard for her, with her big belly.
The puppy’s are also moving a lot.

Wednesday she made a little joke with us.
Her temperature seem to go a litlle bit lower.
So we were ready for wat was coming.
Nothing happend….

Dolce takes her time.
And we, we can only wait…
She will let us know when the time is right.

This morning we made another picture of her.
Would it be the last.??


Dolce is doing good.
Yesterday evenng, she was a litlle restless busey in the whelpingbox.
But she had a good sleep last night.

This morning, her temperature went a litlle down, to 37,1.
It seems to be the first signs.
We just wait now.

Here you can read the last part of the pregnancy diary.

Day 60 t/m 63
19 t/m 22-03-2015
– Miky fluid may be expressed from the nipples
Day 61
– You might went to start taking the dams rectal temperature each morning and evening.
Day 64
– 12 to 24 hours before she is due to deliver, the dams rectal temperature may drop with 1,5 degrees.
– Clear discharge from the vulva might occur.
Day 65
– Excpected date of whelp is different from dam tot dam. Whelping may take place from the 59th to the
65th day. Puppy’s born before 58th day will probably be to young to survive.


Today we mesured Dolce again, and she still grows.
Her belly is 88 cm now.

Today was a really nice wheater so a went out for a walk with Rusty and Dolce.
She is not so fast anymore and she don’t go far anymore, but we have been away for a little hour.
In the other time, she sleeps a lot.

The puppy’s are moving a lot, and I made a movie of it.
Click HERE to see the movie.


Today we started to take Dolce’s temperature.
From wednesday, the puppy can be born, but we hope they will stay,
inside mummy’s belly a litlle longer.
We have te feeling ourself that it could be Friday when the puppy’s will come.
Just wait.

In the meanwhile Dolce is her whelpingbox a lot.

Sometime alone and sometimes with the whole family.


Dolce still gets bigger and bigger.
Today, day 53, het belly is 84 centimeters.

Today was he first time, she did now want to go for a long walk.
After 20 minutes walk, she start to walk behind, an really
let me know, she liked it more to go home.

At home she slept for a while outside in the garden in the sun


Today next week the puppy’s can arrive.
We hope they will stay inside untill the weekend.
But next wednesday the offically can come.
It is really coming close now.

We also notice that Dolce is starting to behave different.
She needs to pee a litlle more, than ussually.
And it is also difficult to lay down in a good position.
She turns around a lot before she find a place.
Poor girl.

We see and feel the puppys move a lot.
That is so special.
I can watch it the whole day.
Unfortunally it did now work to make a movie were you can see it good yet.

Tonight we made a movie when Dolce finally found a good position.
And slept good for a while.

Click HERE to see te video, and open your sound totally.

Sunday we will start to take Dolce’s Temperature.
So above you see already a table, were we will write it down.

Now and then, she needs to turn a lot before she find a good place


Day 50
– The dam might lose her appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppy’s.
– Its better to feed several smaller meals spaced troughout the day.
– You can easily detect abdominal movement now.


Today is day 49, so time to make a new picture of Dolce.
Het belly is now 80 cm, it is going fast now.

On the picture you also see a big difference now.
In the meanwhile, Dolce is still doing great.
She don’t run in front of the pack anymore, like she normally did.
But she still walks al the walks with us, on her own way.
At home she sleeps a lot, in still likes to eat much.

The count down now really started.

We also have a part from the pregnancy calender again.

Day 48 t/m 56
7 t/m 15-03-2015
– The dam begins to spend a lot more time in self-grooming
– Her breasts become even more swollen
– She may become a bit restlessnes and begin to search for a suitable place
to have her puppy’s

The first two points we also see at Dolce.
The last 2 days we noticed that she cleans her self  more.
And well, when you look at the picture you can see her breast become bigger.
She is not restless yet, but i will take 1,5 till 2 weeks before the puppy’s will be born,
sho that praobly will start a couple days before.


Today we mesured Dolce’s belly for an extra time.
Just because we are curious.
Today her belly was 76 cm.
On Sunday we will make a new picture again.

We also have a part from the pregnancy diary again:

Day 45
– It is very easy now to feel the puppy’s
– Counting them might be a more difficult

We did not feel anything yet, but we will look at it more, the next days.

We also have a new picture from the father of our upcoming litter.

Garri, at the age of 6 years.


March 1st!!!! Now the countdown really started.
At least this is the month when the puppy’s will be born!

Today we mesured Dolce again, and her belly now is 72 cm.
So she easy grow and grow.

The picture is made yesterday.


We had a very busy week, so no much time to update the website.

Today we made a really nice long walk.
Dolce had no problems to walk 2 hours with us.
It was really nice in the sun.

And she looks so great!
Her coat is shining, she is happy and just doing her own thing.
So we fully enjoy this time!

But in the meanwhile, it still is all about food.
And look at that belly!!


The whelping box is ready, and I think she likes it
(and jambo also)


Day 35 today.
Dolce is doing really good.
She happy and fit.
But in the meanwhile she also sleeps a lot and want te be withs us more then usuall.

She does need her food in standard time now.
When there is to much time between to meals, she will be feeling ill and throw up.
So we will take good care that she get her food in the right times,
and before sleeping we give her a little snack.
Then she is ok.

Today we mesured her again, and she is now 69 cm.
Also the pregnancy calender tell something about it.

Day 35
– The dams abdomen starts to get larger

By now she probably will grow faster.
We will measure het now a little bit sooner and also take a picture again.


Today we went to the vet again with Dolce, for another echo.
Wow, that is a difference in 1 week.
The embyo’s are already bigger and very good to see.

The vet could count some of them.
The vet warned us that we could expect a bigger litter.
Normally they can not count all the embryo’s, and are there still some hidden embryo’s.
And the vet already counted enough, so when there are some more….

We are very curious, around 30 days left…

Dolce also is getting bigger now.
Her nipples are a lot bigger and very pink.
We also see she got some hair less on het belly.
We are very curious how big she is when we will mesure her sunday again.

She still likes to walk, and then we do not notice she is pregnant or so.
I think when I will take her for canicross she will like it, but we will not do that anymore now.
I will take her some more next to the bike, so she can get off her energy in a controlled way.
Ofcourse she had to stay fitt!

Today the sun was really good, and I took Dolce and Rusty for a long walk!


Day 29
– Start to increase the dams food ration
– Don’t overfeed, excessive weight gain should be avoided
– The foetuses are now and are fully developed miniature dogs


Today we mesured Dolce again, and ofcourse we take a picture.
Today is day 28 and her belly is 66 cm.
So she is 6 cm bigger now.
On the piceture you start to see a litlle bit of her belly now.
And also her nipples are bigger.


Already for months Joyce is busey with shopping puppy stuff. Toys, blankets, stuff for the delivery, baskets etc.
But today was Martijn his day. Finally he could do some shopping.

The start of the litterbox. And Dolce already tested if it was big enough.


Today was the day! Finally the day of the echo.
Dolce is born on Friday 13th, so Friday 13th was a good day for the echo!

Soon the vet could tell us the good news.

he said we are early in the pregnancy, and that is ture because today is day 26.
So te vet said that we could come back at thursday next week to do another echo.
Then we can see the embryo’s better, because they are a litlle bigger and better to count.
That is great ofcourse!

Click HERE to see a movie of the echo!

Day 26 t/m 30
16 t/m 17-02-2015
– A Veterinarian can feel if the dam is pregnant after 3 weeks (or do an echo)
– It’s now the best time to do this because the embryo’s are walnutsized and
now easy to count.


Day 21 t/m 28
08 t/m 15-02-2015
– Morning sickness might occur due to hormonal changes or stretching and distension of the uterus.
Dam may appear a bit apathic. She may be offer her feed for a while and vomit from time to time.
– Feeding the dam several meals spaced troughout the day might help.

Above a litlle part from th pregnancy diary again.
Dolce does not really have morning sickness.
Only monday she was not really happy, and drawling a bit.
We had the feeling she did nor feel really good.
The dogs always get 3 times a day food, so she is used to get her food in small portions.
But she still eats her food with taste everyday.

Soon, very soon we will know it!


Today we made a picture of Dolce again and we messured her belly.
Day 21, 64 cm.

Dolce is doing fine.
She still sleeps a lot and wants much food.
Since a couple days she very close to us.
One more week and then we know.


Day 15 t/m 22
02 t/m 09-02-2015
– Dams nipples begin to pink enlarge
– The fur on the dams belly and around the nipples may become thinner


Because a lot of people ask, if we already see something, we
made a new picture of Dolce.
Today is day 17.


Today we measured Dolce’s belly again.

Itt is day 14 now and her belly is 61 cm.
We can see that Dolce get little tits now.
On the picture you can also see that a little bit.
It don’t say anything yet, but we have good hope, that Dolce is pregnant.
In the meanwhile she still search the whole house for food.

We also have tell you a part from the pregnancy calender again.

Day 12 t/m 14
30-01 t/m 01-02-2015
– The blastocystes implant in the wall of the uterus
Day 12 t/m 26
03-01 t/m 13-02-2015
– The blastocystes will grow into embryo’s
– During the next two weeks the important organs will develop


Dolce’s behaviour changed, she really is not our sporty girl anymore.
When we go for a walk she is ok to come with us.
But at home she sleeps, and only wakes-up when she thinks there could be food.

Dolce pregnancy Day 11


Day 7 after the mating.
Time to make a new picture of Dolce’s belly and also to measure again.
Dolce did not grow yet, but that doesn’t say anything.
She will grow the most after 5 weeks of prenancy.

Pregnancy day 7, 60 cm.


Now and then we will write some points from a pregnancy diary.
So we can see what happens during prenancy.

Day 1
– First day of mating.
– 48 hours after the first mating the bitch should be mated again.
– The spermatoza migrate up trough te cervix.
Day 2
– Sperm travels searching for mature ripened eggs.
Day 2/3
– Spermatoza reach the eggs in the oviducts.
Day 3/4
– Fertilisation occurs in the oviducts wich leads from the ovaries to the uterus.
Day 4 t/m 6
22 t/m 24-01-2015
– Fertilised  eggs migrates down the oviduct and into the uterine horns.
– The migration continue to enable even spacing of the embryo’s.
– During this migration the eggs will grow into a blastocytes.


We made a story of our ABBA-Tour to Czech.
Click here to read everyting about our trip and the matings.

We will now start to messure Dolce’s belly every week.
And we also make a picture every week.

Here’s is the first picture, pregnancy day 1


This morning we went for the vet for another progesteron test.
Around 11.00 am, the vet called with the result.
So today we start our Trip to Czech.

Garri is taking his beauty sleep, while he waits for Dolce to arrive 😉


We did the second progesteron test this morning.
Today the result was 2,24
It is going slowly, but it was a little bit higher.
Sunday morning, will we do another test.


Today we did the first progesteron test.
The result was 1,15.
This Friday we will do a test again.

Will we drive this weekend already?


Yes!! Dolce really is in heat.
So that means our ABBA adventure is going to start.
Thursday next week, we will do the first progesteron test.


Dolce seems to be in heat.
We found some blood on her blanket.
We will see if she really starts her heat.

On this page you can follow everything about, our first litter.