Hidaya Bello Nero




NHSB: 3061209 HD-Result: Coming Soon
Date of Birth: 23-10-2016 ED-Result: Coming Soon
Gender: Male OCD-shoulder: Coming Soon
Height: 66 cm LTV: Coming Soon
Weight: 38 kg Blue Dilute: D/D (Free by Parentage)
Bite: Correct SOD1-DM: N/N (Free by Parentage)
Color: Wheaten EOAD: High Confidence Clear (Free by Parentage)
 Livernose:  B/b (Carrier) JME: N/N (NON carrier)


Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Nero is born in our Bello and Bella litter, Dolce her second litter.
For this litter we did not directly plan to keep a puppy in our home.
But when there would be a great female, we would think about it.
Yes a female.

Rusty was the male in our house, and he has te right to be the only male.
He deserved that.
But all these plans  changed after the  loss of Rusty,
just a couple weeks before the litter would be born.
My heart was broken and I deceided not to keep a puppy from this litter,
first I needed time to let this terrible pain go away.

On october 23rd Dolce started her delivery in the early morning.
Nero was the second born.
He was a big boy and his big head was heavy for Dolce.
While Dolce did the best she could, I saw a big puppy waving with a litlle white paw.
That was the moment I melted.

I only could think, there he is, my perfect little boy.
We had 10 wonderful puppies born, and all are great.
But the boy with the black collar, and white little paw
was there every time.
I still had a lot of grief, as Rusty was my everything.
But there he was again, ready to cuddle with me.

And after 4 weeks I decided, I can not let this boy go…..
Nero can never replace Rusty, no dog can.
And he don’t have to, but from the moment he was born,
he helped to repear my heart a little bit more everyday.

Nero has grown into a young adult now.
He needed time to develop, and still is.
But he became a nice young male.

Small by size but with a big heart.
He has enough bone and enough angulations.
A friendly, open, and enthousiast character.

since Nero was 8 weeks he is at Mantrailing every week.
He loves to do this job.