CH. Heavens Red Angel by Luanda


NHSB: 3091042 (import SK)
Date of Birth: 10-04-2017
Gender: Female
Height: 68 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Bite: Correct
Color: Livernose

Champion Slovenia
Mantrailing level 1
Mantrailing level 2
Scent Detection 1

HD-Result: HD-A (free)
ED-Result: ED-Free
LTV: Free – L7
SA: Negative
Blue Dilute: D/D (free)
SOD1-DM: N/N (free)
EOAD: Highly Confident Clear
JME: N/N (free)
Hemophilia B: N/N (free)
RR-IVA: N/N (free)

Blooddonor for the First Verterinary Blood bank

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Hillvalley’s Angel for Luanda (Ani) at 11,5 years old and me.
She is little Ani’s grandmother and Rusty’s mother.
We called our little Ani after her grandmother, as she is a very special ridgeback for me.