News 2024


Another show today, but this time we stayed a bit closer to home 🙂
Frits, Nano and Zoë where entered at the CACIB Lingen in germany.

For Frits it was his first time in intermediate class.
For the first time with the big boys, and he directly rocked the ring 🙂

C.I.B.-J. Jch. Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Intermediate Class

1 Excellent

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class

4 Excellent

C.I.B. Ch. Jch. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
Champion Class


It was a wonderful day, inside and outside the ring 🙂


After 9 more weeks with us, Nero packed is bags again.
We found him a wonderful home with Niels & Mathilde, who are already so in love with him.
It was a bittersweet goodbye, but we know that he will have a perfect life.


After yesterday’s show we went for a really long drive to France.
Today we entered the CACIB show in Lyon.
It was a really long trip but it was all worth it!

Jch. Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Junior Class

1 Excellent
Best Male
Best of Breed Junior
Best of Opposite Sex

Today Frits achieved his 5th JCACIB, and now we also got the 3rd country we need.
So now Frits fulfilled al the conditions for International Junior Champion (C.I.B.-J)

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class

1 Excellent

Nano got her 2nd JCACIB now, 1 more to go!


Today was the Rijnland dogshow

Jch. Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Junior Class

1 Excellent
Best of Breed Junior

Frits added another title to his list “Rijnland Junior Star 2024

Jch. Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor “Frits”

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class

3 Excellent

But today it was also a very very special day!!!
Our golden oldie Dolce celebrates her 12 birthday!


Happy 7th birthday dear Ani!

My sweet, crazy and lazy liver girl!
We hope to have many more years to come!

Ani did a great job at her birthday, she gave her first blooddonation today!
And now she also is an official blooddonor for the First Veterinary bloodbank in the Netherlands!


Marije and I went to CACIB Mulhouse in France today with Frits and Nano.

JCh. Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Junior Class

1 Excellent

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class

3 Excellent

Nano and Frits in at the hotel



Today was the Junior and Veteran day of our Rhodesian Ridgback Club (RRCN).
The wheater was really great and we had a wonderful day.

The first to enter the ring was our granny Dolce!!
She didn’t go to a dogshow for years, and with her almost 12 years she was by far the oldest today.
I entered her for fun, and to show how great an oldy also is.

And fun we had!
Dolce received a really nice judgereport and a bag full of treats!

Later that the day, it was time for our dragons to be judged.
I am so thankfull for the owners who took the time to come to this day, and really proud how great they did!

All puppy’s received a reallty nice reports, and the words from judge/breedspecialist M. Trésoor, made me very proud. She said I did a great job with this litter! 🙂



All our doggy’s at their morning walk today



Frits and Mirjam went to a Scent detection workshop today!



Happy Birthday dear ABBA-puppy’s!

Dear Angie, Kiyo, Siep, Angel, Randal, Ivy, Mia, Zara & Ridge it is your 9th birthday, and I hope you all have a great day!

It is the first birthday that not all our 11 Abba’s are with us anymore. We have extra toughts for the owners of Beau and Kira, who celebrate their birthday over the rainbowbridge.



Today Mirjam and me went to the CACIB show Schaal der Kempen in Belgium.

It was a long but fun day, with really nice results.

Jch. Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Junior Class
2 Excellent

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class
3 Very Good

But today it was Zoë her day!!!!!

Ch. Jch. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
Champion Class
1 Excellent
Best Female
CAC Belgium
Best of Opposite Sex

With these results Zoë fulfilled all the conditions for International Champion (C.I.B.)

And on top of it, this means that Zoë also is qualified for Crufts, so she can join her half-brother and half-sister at Crufts 2025!

We expect this was one of the last shows for Zoë for a while. We are wating untill she comes in season. The we hope to welcome her first litter with the beautiful Ch. Rex Ventors Weston.
This is a great way to start her puppybreak.



Today we had a meeting with some of our Dragon puppy’s (Frits, Nano, Koba, Nero and James), to practise for the Junior and Veteran day of our Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.
Koba, James and Nero are not used to dogshow, but they really did great today.

I am looking very forward to the Junior and Veteran day in 3 weeks!

And when we came home, the mailman deliverd something for Frits.

I am really really proud of my baby boy!



Nero is now 1 month back with us. We worked al lot with him and he is doing really great.
He learned a lot, is more open to us and really likes to work and learn things.

It is time to slowely think about his future, because he needs is own forever home.



Today was our second visit at the Veterinary Blood Bank. This time it was Zoë and Ani’s turn.
Frits will go back in May for a donation (the dogs can donate every 3 months).

For Zoë it was the second time. The first time we only did a practise with her, but today she did her very first donation. So now she also is a offical blooddonor for the First Veterinary Blood bank in the Netherlands.

With Ani we only did a practise today. She was quite ok, but we like the dogs to stay happy with every visit and that is why we don’t put to much pressure on it.
Ani will go back in april for her first donation!

I am so proud my dogs can be a blooddonor, and with this help saving the lives of other dogs.

In the evening I drove to Eersel for a very interesting lecture about fertility of the dog (both male and female).



Some call it crazy, but I just call it a great hobby 🙂

Last weekend I drove with Zoë, Frits and Nano all the way to Offenburg (Germany) for a dogshow.

Unfortunately Zoë and Nano where not the type, the judge was looking for and both where awarded with a Very Good.
But they did receive nice judgereports.

But Frits, just took it all!!!

Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor “Frits”
Junior Class

1 Excellent / JCAC VDH / JCAC DZRR / J-CACIB
Best of Breed Junior
Ortenau-Jugend-Sieger 2024
Alpen-Jugendsieger 2024

And now Frits alo got enough points for the title German Junior Champion VDH!

So he just got 3 titles in only 1 day!

I am so proud of my pretty boy, but ufcourse I am also proud at the girls!



Last weekend was the Holland Cup Winner show in Groningen (NL).
Frits and Nano where entered at this show and two days later, we still can not believe the results are real.

Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Junior Class

1 Excellent / JCAC / J-CACIB
Holland Cup Junior Winner 2024
Crufts Qualification 2025

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class

1 Excellent / JCAC / J-CACIB
Best Junior
Holland Cup Junior Winner 2024
Crufts Qualification 2025

Nano and Marije made it to the last 6 selected dogs for Best in Show Junior.

It is so great that brother and sister both won their very first title, and that they are both qualified for the greatest show in the world, that is held in England every year “CRUFTS”.

Last week it was still a dream that one day we would be qualified to enter the Crufts dogshow and now we are making plans for next year. Because, of course we are going to Crufts next year.
For sure with Frits and Nano, but hopefully also with Zoë.



Our life is like a rollercoaster at the moment.
Last Tuesday we, totally unexpected got the message, that Nero, a puppy from our last litter has to be re-homed.
Wednesday evening we picked him up and now he is back “home”with us.
Now we give him time to settle and show us his true character, so we can find the perfect place for him.

In the short time that Nero is with us now, he is doing really good.
The rest of the pack accepted him already and he seems to settle good in our routine.
We will keep you updated about his progress and we will also write it here, when we think the time is right to find him a beautiful home.

Photoalbum Nero

Nero his first day back “home”
NOTE: The black thing at his collar is a GPS TRACKER



We received some beautiful pictures from Nelson (Hidaya Nightfurry Tootthless)
Nelson is born in our last litter (Ani x Romeo) and 14 months old now.



Because of Koba his ilness I did some research abour bloodtransfusion and blooddonation.
And I learned the need blooddonor in dogs very much.
Because of that I registerd Ani, Zoë and Frits as a blooddonor at the Eerste Veterinaire Bloedbank (firts veterinary blood bank).
Zoë and Frits had their first appointment today.

What a special expierence this was. They made one big party for the dogs.
The dog mus be happy to be there, and I like that way of thinking.
Frits is a bit more relaxter in this kind of situations then Zoë is.
On the table, Frist was very relaxed and because of that he directly did his first donation.
Zoë was a bit more nervous, so today we only practised with lying on the table and getting many many cookies.
Next month I will go agian with Zoë together with Ani her first appointment.
Frits got an appointment in 3 months again, for his next donation.

For all the photos and movies: Frits and Zoë at the blood bank



Finally, afte all the dissapointments, bloodtransfusion, medications and tears, we finally got good news today.
After the last bloodtransfusion the percent red bloodcells in his blood is rising and the tests also show the bone marrow is making a lot of new red bloodcells.
(He still got anemia, but it can not be totally good in once ofcourse).
This means that Koba finally start to react on the medication.
He is not there yes, but we are on a good way now.

Koba’s and his wonderful owners deserve this!



Today was day 1 from my course Exterieur & Bewegingsleer.
This is course is part of the traject to become a judge.

It will be a lot of study the next months, but I am looking forward to all the new information I will learn.



Today I have been with the oldes half of our pack, Dolce, Mia and Nero, to Snuffelbos Wolfhalla.
This is such a wonderfull place where te dogs can snif around and find a lot of treats.

For all the pictures and movies: Snuffelbos Wolfhalla



This weekend it was time for the first show of 2024.
Marije and I drove to Kassel with Zoë, Frits and Nano.

It was a great winterweekend with wonderful results.

Hidaya Never Ending Story Falkor ~Frits~
Junior Class

Day 1 : 3 place Excellent
Day 2: 1 Excellent / JCAC VDH / JCAC ELSA / J-CACIB

Jch. ChHidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
Champion Class

Day 1 : 3 Excellent
Day 2: Very Good

Hidaya Queen of Dragons ~Nano~
Junior Class

Day 1: 2 Excellent / Res. JCAC VDH / Res. JCAC RRCD
Day 2: Excellent



Today we received the very sad news that Kira out of our ABBA litter passed away.
We want to send her owners all the strength they need right now.
It was way to youn

Hidaya Gimme Gimme Gimme ~Kira~
21-03-2015 / 11-01-2024

Kira with her Goldendoodle friend Bibi



A puppy out of our last litter is very sick.
The is a go fund me page for him.