A puppy from us

Our kennelname Hidaya, means “precious gift”, and that is exactly how we think about breeding.
Breeding is for us, not something we just do.

Ofcourse our dogs got the health tests they need.
They will  be x-rayed on their hips, elbows, and spine.
And we also test them for SOD1 (Degenerative Myelopathy), Blue Dilute gene, Early onset adult deafness and Juvenile Moyclonic Epilepsy.
When there are new health test available, we will do our research on that.
The health tests are very important for us. We will only breed with healthy dogs.

We also take care of the character.
We want our dogs, to have an open and friendly character.
We know the Rhodesian Ridgeback as a dog that is reserved to strangers.
That is ok, but we don’t want them to have fear.

We will do the best we can, to breed typicall ridgebacks.
Not to heavy, atlethic dogs, with good angulations, and a free movement.

But our main goal, is to breed a sweet and healthy family dog, which will be a perfect buddy for the whole family.

We are member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands (RRCN), and we always breed within their Code of Ethics (VFR).


Our puppy’s will be born in our livingroom and live there untill they go home with their new owners around 9 weeks of age.
The first 3 weeks after the puppy’s are born, we gave them and the mother some rest.

After 3 weeks the future puppyowners are welcome to visit us and ofcourse the mother and the puppy’s every week.

Our puppies will grown up with the PuppyCulture program from Jane Killion.
With the help of Puppyculture we follow a lot of protocols to give our puppies the best start we can think of to become Social, Self-confident Adult dogs.

You can read everything about puppyculture on a sepereate page on our website, with all about puppyculture.

The puppy’s will be socialised with the normal things of life.
Adults, Children, other dogs and animals, sounds etc.
They also got their own playground in our garden.
We will do our very best, to give the puppy’s the best start before they leave to their new homes.

Our puppy’s will be dewormed, vaccinated (titeren), and checked by our vet.
They will be chipped and checked by the dutch kennelclub (raad van beheer).
Also the RRCN wil check our puppy’s around the age of 5-6 weeks.
Of course, all our puppy’s will get a pedigree, microchip en passport.
We also use a contract.
The new owner will get a book full information about the breed, and the litter.
In the book there also will be all lot of advice about raising a puppy.

We  like to meet potential puppy owners before the litter is born.
For us it is important that there is a match between us and the future puppyowners (and vice versa).

We work with a waiting list.
Together with the future owners, we will make a match between the puppies and the future owners.
For us it is important the right puppy will live with the right owners.

After the puppy’s left to their new homes our care doesn’t stop.
We like to stay in contact with the owners, and when they have any questions or need any help, we will be there for them.
Our puppy’s and their owners will get life long support from us.

We do NOT cull puppies with an exterior fault or dermoid sinus.