News 2022


It was time for the yearly Championship Clubmatch from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands.
This THE show of our own breedclub, so we always try to be there.

Zoë and Meneer Janssen both where entered today.
But unfortunally the wheater combined with Zoë her heat, made us do some changes.
Because of the really bad wheater the show was moved to a small indoor area.
Zoë started her heat last week and that made us deceided not to bring her to the show.
We don’t think that is nice for all the males at the show. But also not for Zoë who will be followed everywhere.

But Meneer Janssen was present, and he and Ilona trained so hard last month!!
Janssen was stacked really perfect, and moving around the ring, almost went perfect.
Unless Janssen got a really really nice report, the judge qualified him with a Very Good this time, because of his hight.
Next time better luck! It was a nice training for Janssen and Ilona.

And altough I did not a bring a dog to show myself, I was lucky, that I totally unexpected was asked to show Esther and Denise’s sweet girl Juna.
I did not plan to show a dog today, I did not take any special clothes with me, and entered the ring in my comfy jeans and shirt. But that did not matter!
Juna achieved a wonderfull 2nd place with Excellent in a very big intermediate class!!

Instead of Zoë our “granny” Dolce, joined us today.
Dolce loves to cuddle with everyone, and is the best in clean all the pockets. I think she really had a great day today, and got so many treats.
And even on her age you can find yourself a new love, Daka her veteran friend



Here we go!! A bit earlier then expected this time, but Ani started her heat!
That means that the D-litter adventure is going on!

We look so forward to this litter and again we will do everything, to bring a bunch of lovely puppies in this world, and gave them the best start in life there is.

We have some place free on our waitinglist. If you are interested in a puppy from our D-litter, feel free to contact us.



Last weekend Zoë and I made a trip to Slovenia again.
We went to Lendava international dogshow,
to give it a try to finish the Slovenian Championtitle for Zoë.

JCh. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
Intermediate Class
Day 1: 2 Excellent with Res. CAC SLO
Day 2: 1 Excellent with CAC SLO

We are not there yet, but we are close.
1 more Slovenian CAC is needed.
We will try again next time!

Overall we had a wonderful weekend.
Nice walks, nice wheater, nice show.
Great results!



Martijn, Zoë and I have been to the Gundogshow in The Netherlands today.
It was a very hot dat day, but Zoë did her very best as always!

JCh Hidaya Queen of Chaos
Intermediate Class
4 Very Good



Last week we did not go to any dogshow, but enjoyed our time at home.
We have been busey witht the renovation of our farmhouse, whe we finally can live again with the dogs after two years.
We have also worked on our puppypalace, because the preparations have started.

We expect that Ani will start her heat somewhere in October, so that is coming closer really soon.
With the preparations we also take a new look at the cost of raising a litter, and as everything in live, these cost really went high.
Unfortunately that means we also have to increase the price for a puppy from our upcoming litter. You can read more about it, on our page “A puppy from us”.

With Zoë I started scent detection training again, and she is doing really great. Zoë is a dog who really loves to work with me. No matter if it is for showtraing or scent detection, as long as she got the attention, and she can show her skills she is happy.

For September we have several dogshows planned. Zoë and I will go back to Slovenia to see if can win some more championship points. We have a showweekend planned in Tsjech, where we can aslo see Romeo (the father of our upcoming litter) again. And of course we will not miss our own Championship Clubmatch of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands.

And then we are at the end of the September month already, and in October we will focus more and more at Ani and het Upcoming litter.

Dolce alreadt 10,5 years old.
She enjoy life to the fullest, but the hot summerdays
are not always easy for her.



We have been on a wonderfull holiday with Ani and Zoë in Slovenia, while Dolce, Mia and Nero had a great time at home with my parents.
We made long wolks in the mountains and visit some nice places.
But also enjoyed the silence and doing nothing in the garden from our appartment.

Ofcourse I like to combine a holiday with a dogshow.
We entered the girls for the 4 CACIB Summer Night Show in Koper.
Zoë was enterded in Intermediate class and Ani was entered in Champion Class.

JCh. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
Day 1: 2 Excellent with Res. CAC SLO and Res. CACIB
Day 2: 2 Excellent with Res. CAC SLO
Day 3: 1 Excellent with CAC SLO and CACIB > Best Female & Best of Opposite Sex
Day 4: 2 Excellent with Res. CAC SLO

Ch. Heavens Red Angel by Luanda ~Ani~
Day 1: 3 Excellent
Day 2: 3 Very good
We did not show Ani at the last two days, because we noticed she lost her happines in the ring.
The show was to busey and crowdy for her. And the happines of our girls is more important then a dogshow!

I am really proud of my girl, but especially Zoë. She just turned 15 months and already earned het first CACIB. 4 days of showing was not easy for her, but she really did wonderfull!



This weeken was the Golden Dog Trophy in Marche en Farmenne (Belgium). On Saturday Zoë was exactly 15 months old and allowed to enter the inermediate class.
Because Zoë is a Belgium Junior champion, I deceided to chance her to this class.
By far the youngest in het class she achieved nice results and worked like a pro!

Saturday 23-07-2022
CACIB Golden Dog Trophy Day 1
Intermediate Class
JCH. Hidaya Queen of chaos ~Zoë~
3 Excellent

Sunday 24-07-2022
Golden Dog Trophy Day 2
Intermediate Class
JCh. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
3 Excellent



Now it is official!
Zoë is Belgian Junior Champion!



Yesterday was a pretty hot day in Belgium.
Zoë and I attended the open show Dulle Griet.

But despite of the heat, Zoë did wonderdfull and we got some amazing results.
We both and enjoy outdoor show more, and that makes us bot feel better in the ring.

Junior Class
JCH. Hidaya Queen of Chaos
1 Excellent
BOB Junior
Best Female
Best of Breed
2nd Best in Group

By winning the Junior Class today, Zoë fullfiled all the conditions for Belgium Junior Champion.
I am so proud of all the amazing results Zoë and me already achieved together. We have so much fun in the shows and the training for it.

Zoë tought this was the best place to relax during this hot day.



Ambiorixtrofee Genk

Junior Class
JCH. Hidaya Queen of Chaos
3 Very Good



Again an early morning! Zoë and I went to the Pinksterhow Gorinchem (NL).

Junior Class
JCh. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~

Now we take a little break from the showring! Ofcourse week on training! In July we have some shows planned to try to get the least point for Belgium Junior Champion.



Again it was a showday today! We have been to the Holland Cup 2022.
Zoë really did fantastic today.
We train very hard to become a perfect showtim, and it is so nice, to see stuff you are training, are coming out in the showring.

Junior Class
JCh. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
Very Good



Yesterday was the Belgium Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty. And what a day it was! We had lots of sun and lots of rain, but it still was a wonderful day, with really amazing results!!

Junior Class
Hidaya Captain Chaos ~Meneer Janssen~

Well done again Ilona and Meneer Janssen!!

After 2 years away from the showring, and for the very first time in champion class!

Champion Class
Ch. Heavens Red Angel by Luanda ~Ani~
3 Excellent

Last but this time for sure not least, Zoë!!

Junior Class
Jch. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
1 Excellent
Best of Breed Junior
Best Female
Best of Opposite Sex
Reserve Best of Breed

Winning the big junior class at a Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubshow already is so great!!
But Zoë was on fire and made it all the way to Reserve best of Breed out of 102 entered ridgebacks.
This day really will be one of the showdays I will never forget!
I am so proud of my young girl who is already doing so great.
We still have so much to work on and so much to train, but this result give me the feeling
we are on a good way!

Zoë with “some” of her trophy’s!!



We received some pictures of our offspring

Kiyo and Peer, haflbrother from Dolce her 1st and 2nd litter.



Today we made x-ray of Zoë her spine and hips. Both looked perfect.
At the end of the day we received the official result of her hips: HD-A (Free)



This weekend Zoë and I went to the Flandres dogshow in Gent (Belgium)

JCh. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~

51 Flandres Dogshow / 07-05-2022
3 Excellent

52 Flandres Dogshow / 08-05-2022
3 Excellent

Unfortunately we have no pictures of the show, but Zoë and I had a wonderful weekend!



My girls during a training this morning.

Ch. Heavens Red Angel by Luanda ~Ani~
and her daughter
J.Ch Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~



Today was the Junior day of our Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.
All 3 puppies entered this unofficial show. For Zoë and Meneer Janssen was it a good practice.
But I am really proud of Afi and his owners. Afi is not used to shows and his owners never did that before.
They did there very best today! But it was a long wait for Afi, before it was his turn.

All puppies got a nice report (no qualifications at this shows), and for me as a young breeder it was very nice to hear what the judges had to say about the litter.

Dolce was also with us and I think she enjoyed this day the most. All the cuddles and al the treat she got. She just loved it!!

Dolce enjoyed the “junior” day to the fullest!



Today our Chaos trio celebrate their very 1st birthday!
They are now big, lovely young dogs, with a great open and happy character!

We wish you all many more happy and healthy years!

Happy 1st brithday Zoë



Today we went to Outdoor Zeeland CAC show. Zoë and Meneer Janssen bot where entered in junior class. It was a wonderfull day with perfect weather and lots of fun.

Hidaya Captain Chaos ~Meneer Janssen~
4th Excellent

Jch. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~

Unfortunally Zoë was totally not the type the judge was looking for. But that is what it is, next time better! I am really proud of Ilona and Meneer Janssen, how they work in the ring together!



Today is a very special day.
Because today our Dolce celebrate her 10th birthday.

We hope our sweetest girl of the pack will stay with us for some more years in the great health she is in now.



It took some time, but we finally made a page on our website for our co-own male
Hidaya Captain Chaos ~Meneer Janssen~

Click HERE to go to his info page directly.



Happy 5th birthday to you my dear Ani!



We had a very very long, but wonderful day at the CACIB Antwerp Dogfair (Belgium) and arrived home with some amazing result.

Jch. Hidaya Queen of Chaos ~Zoë~
1 Excellent
Best of Breed Junior

That means we made the first step for Belgium Junior Champion. Let’s see if we van finish it.
Because I have no photo’s of the show, we made a quick one back home. Tired but so proud of my amazing little girl.



We received some pictures of two of our offspring

Hidaya Captain Chaos ~Meneer Janssen~
11 months old
(CH. Heavens Red Angel by Luanda x CH. Ridgerules Ifa my Treasure)

Hidaya Bello Azzurro ~Dax~
5,5 years old
(Paerdecroon Diva Dolce x Nemoyo Wangu Amore Rio Reiser)



Today Zoë and I went to the CACIB Rijnlandshow. Zoë achieved an Excellent in a big juniorclass. She did zo great again and got a very nice judgereport.

I was a wonderful day!


Today our ABBA litter celebrates their 7th birthday. We wish you all a wonderfull day and many more happy and healthy years to come.

Today we have some special toughts for Kira.

Happy birthday from mommy Dolce


Today we had our last showday at CACIB Semper-Vrtojba.
After yesterdays wonderful results, I did not think today could be any better.
But for sure it did.

JCH. Hidaya Queen of Chaos
1 Excellent
Junior Winner
BOB Junior
Best female
Best of Breed
Best Junior in Group
3rd Best in Group

I am so proud of Zoë, who went better and better everyday. Together we learned to work like a team more and more this weekend.

A big Thank you to everybody who who supported us at the show or from home.

I think we will be on cloud nine for a while.


This morning Zoë and I made a wonderful walk in the area called “Pliskina Pot”. I was nice 6 km tour that started in our small village Pliskina.

After the nice morning work-out is was time to go to the show, because today we entered the CACIB Miren-Kostanjevica show. And where we already were so happy with Zoë her results yesterday, today was even better.

Hidaya Queen of Chaos
1 Excellent
Junior Winner
BOB Junior
Best Female
Best of Opposite Sex
Best Junior in Group

After winning our FCI breed group we had our very first expercience to go for best junior in show.
Zoë did not got any prices on that competition, but only the experience was already worth it.
The music when you enter the ring, the people applause for you it was so great!

And on top of it, after today’s results Zoë now is

I hope to have some pictures soon.


Zoë and I are on a show holiday in Slovenia. We love this country and the nature en we love to combine a holiday with some show.

Today we went to the CAC Kras show, where Zoë achieved some wonderful result:

Hidaya Queen of Chaos
1 Excellent
Junior Winner
BOB Junior
Best Female
Best of Opposite Sex

I was really happy how she was behaving in the ring. Only the wind made here a bit jumpy on the movement, so will try to improve that for tomorrow.

Unfortunally we have no pictures of the show.
So here is one of us enjoying a beautiful walk in the area.


The official announcement of our upcoming litter


Today we heard the sad news that Garri, the father of our ABBA litter passed away.
We wish his owners Terrie and Hana a lot of strenght in this time, and we are very thankfull that they allowed us to use Garri for our very first litter.


Today Zoë had her first show in Junior Class. Because I had to work, my friend Ilse, took her to the show.

As youngest in a really big class with 18 entries, Zoë became 3rd wit an excellent!!!

I am so incredible proud of Zoë. She was so easy going at the show and in the ring.
Ilse thank you so much for giving Zoë this great experience and many congrats for the result with your boy Kian!

Ilse and Zoë in the ring


We have tested Ani for Ventriculair arrhythmia (IVA) and we are happy that the result that came back clear. Ani is not a carrier for the tested gene.

She also started her heat. That means the countdown has started untill hear next heat! Her next heat we will visit handsome Romeo!


Our upcoming D-litter is online now!
We are planning Ani her second litter for 2022, with the Czech male Kiss me Romeo Slunce Zambezi.
We are looking very forward to hopefully welcome Ani and Romeo puppies this year.

You can find more information about this litter HERE

Kisse me Romeo Slunce Zambezi, the father of our upcoming litter


Welcome in our 2022 newsblog!
We wish all our website visitors a wonderfull year, and hopefully all your dreams come true!

Last year has been a good one for the Hidaya family.
April 23rd was ofcourse the best day, when after a long wait we could welcome Ani her first puppies!
All 3 are doing great!

And ofcourse we are so happy to see all Dolce her offspring still begin happy and healthy with their wonderfull owners, who still keep us updated about them after all the years!

Zoë has started her show career in the puppy class with some nice achievements already!

And in the last days of december Ani and me made a little roadtrip to visit a lovely male and his owner for Ani her 2nd litter!

The best day of 2021, the birth of the three special ones!

And we are looking forward to the year that is coming! Unfortunally due to covid-19 at the moment we have no plans for shows with Zoë. Hopefully everything will be better soon!

We have also planned Ani her 2nd litter for this year! The male we found for this litter will be announced soon!

In the meanwhile we are working on the farmhouse that we are renovating and hopefully this year, the dogs and us can move to their big new house!

The long and nice walks already started and we can only whish our pack stay happy and healthy!