Akeron Great Déja-Vu Luanda

18/03/2008 – 28/092016

Rusty was my once in a lifetime dog, he was just a very special boy

February 2009……
I was home alone as Martijn just left, for his first military mission, for 6 months.
Together with Jambo and Jinaki, I found my way.
And then I got a text message from my friend Ilse, ” look at your e-mail, you have to see this” .
In my email I found this picture

Together with the pic, she wrote me:
“I know it is not a puppy, but I now you want a liver nose someday,
and I also now, you want a puppy from his mother someday” .

And there it happend, but this picture he walked into my heart, found a place and did not leave anymore.
But knowing, I had to do everything alone for 6 months, I knew it was not smart.
So I found a way to contact Martijn, and told him the story. I also send him the picture.
I was sure Martijn was the smart one in this, and he would tell me, not to think about it further.
But the opposite happend, Martijn was in love also.

So I contacted Milada, Rusty’s breeder, where Rusty was living again.
I talked for a long evening with Milada, about Rusty, and also if she maybe was able to give him a new live with us.
After that talk a spoke to Martijn again, and at the end of our phonemail he said to me:
“No matter what, but get my boy home”.

So the decision was made, Rusty was coming to us.
And that mean a lot of planning, as Rusty was living in Slovakia.
But with the help of friends, we drove away to the end of Germany on Monday evening.
And on Tuesday we meet Milada, Tom and Rusty at the hotel.

Rusty came home with me, Jambo and Jinaki.
And from that day, he was mine and Jinaki’s best friend.

I love all my dogs, but between Rusty and me, there was something special.
He was my friend, my show dog, my pillow, and after I started my company he also was my colleague.

We went to dog show all over Europe together, and most of the time with very nice results.
Rusty started coursing, and he so loved it.
Accutaly that was the only real sport he loved.
I tried canicross with him, but that was not his thing.
He liked it more to be my co-worker, when I reached dog massage student.
There he could sleep in the meanwhile.

In 2015 we had the first shock.
I want to the vet for some prostate problems, and thought to directly let the vet check, a limb on his leg.
The limb seems to be a Mastocytoom, and had to be removed.
Because of his prostate problems, we decided to directly castrate him as he already was in operation.
So that was the end of our dogshows (but we already did not attend a lot anymore).

Everything went fine after the operation.
Untill september 2016.
In the weekend Rusty seems to have some stomach pain sometimes.
And I deceided to go to the vet after the weekend.
On Monday morning he became very ill, and I drove to the vet very fast, as I saw symptomes of shock.
The vet made an echo, and there we saw there was something going wrong inside.

We decide to go for an operation.
The found a big tumor on his spleen, so they removed the spleen.
Rusty survived the heavy operation, but lost a lot of blood.
We had to see if he survived the night.

He did, and actually he was doing very well, for everything that happend.
With very small steps he was getting better.
On Wednesday afternoon, the vet called me with his blood results, and we all were happy surprised, they were so much better.
We would discuss, if he maybe could go home on Thursday or Friday.
10 minutes later I drove to the vet (what takes around 15 minutes).

When I arrived at the vet, I saw they tried to call me for more then 10 times.
I run into the office, and the vet was already waiting for me.
So suprisly as he was doing better, so unexpected everything went wrong.
Nobody knows what exactly happend, but 2 minutes for I arrived, Rust died.
They tried everything, but in 5 minutes, it happend….
They were not able to help him anymore.
There was no new bleeding inside, so we think his heart could not handle the hard work,
from the past days anymore.

I am so gratefull for the years we had together.
So many thanks to Ilse, who knew she had to send me his picture, to Milada who trust me and let me take this one special boy to Holland, and to Martijn who said yes, to my crazy mind again.

But specially to Rusty, my one and only.
Writing this almost 7 months, after he died, there are so many tears again.
I am still not over you, and I am afraid I never will.

Untill we meet again my boy.
Rusty, Roesti, Rooie, Russepus, Liverpiver xxx

A week after Rusty died, his breeder Milada, send me this video, to remember him.
Thank you so much my dear!
You know what he meant to us.