Hidaya Mamma Mia

NHSB: 2998366
Dat of birth: 21-03-2015
Gender: Female
Height: 63 cm
Weight: 31 kg
Bite: Correct
Color: Wheaten

HD-result: HD-A (Free)
ED-result: ED-free
OCD-shoulder: Free (not official)
LTV: L8, no spondylose
Blue Dilute: D/D (free by parentage)
SOD1-DM: N/N (free by parentage)
EOAD: Free by parentage
JME: N/JME (carrier)

Mia is born in our Abba-Litter
She is born in a litter from 11 puppy’s.

After 6 weeks, Martijn was totally in love with her head,
what is a total copy of her mothers head.
And since the moment we decided she wil stay with us,
Mia and Martijn are best friends in the world.

Mia grown-up in a nice lady, with a lovely body structure.
Mia is active with Martijn in mantrailing and we wanted to start her training for dog scooter.

But unfortunnally in spring 2018 Mia was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease SLO
(Symmetrische Lupoide Onychodystrofie).

Mia had some difficult times, as it is very painful to loose all the nails.
But after she lost all of her nails, she is now doing fine.
She enjoy’s the walks and we do everything to keep it under control.

Ofcourse we directly canceled our breedingplans with Mia.

Mia will stay with us for hopefully at least 10 more years, with nice walks, a lot of mantrailing,
and most important without pain!
Mia is our first own-bred ridgeback, and that makes her a special one!

(As a breeder, I knew SLO now and then is seen in our breed,  but it was very hard for me to found out that there are so many Ridgebacks with SLO, so please breeders be aware of this disease, you don’t want to have this shit for your puppies and puppy owners!!!)