News 2015


Time give you a litlle update.
The dogs are doing great.

Well Dolce, got rest for the moment, but in a while she will be back in her harness again for sure.

Mia started her caincross career this week.
We are learning her she is allowed to pull in this harness.
And we alse learn her left, right etc.
So no running yet for her, but learning the commands.

Rusty is also doing fine.
Now and then he comes with us for a run,
and afterwards he enjoy his deserved cuddles.

All Abba puppy’s are doing great also.
Next week we see almost all of them on te beach 🙂


This weekend was our very last coursing weekend, for the season.
Unfortunally Dolce could not run, due to a blessure she needs a time of rest.

Rusty runned the veteran pacrous.
Officialy he is still to young, for the veterans, so he did not run for placements.
Bu from all veterans he was the most fast 🙂
Next year he is a real veteran.

From our ABBA puppys,  Mia, Siep and Ivy were there.
Ivy is doing really well, since her operation.

Ivy, became 3rd!!
Siep was 4th and Mia 5th in there class.

Next year we are there again.  🙂


Today was the clubshow of the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
Dolce, Mia, Angel and Kiyo were entered today.

It was a nice and sunny day.

We got the following results:
Paerdecroon Diva Dolce: Excellent
Hidaya Mamma Mia: Promissing
Hidaya Honey Honey: Promissing
Hidaya the king has lost his crown: 4 Very Promissing (in a class of 13!!).


Last weekend Crista, Martijn and myself went to Orlik (CZ),
with Rusty, Dolce, Mia and Kiyo.

It was great to see Terri and Garri again.
It were 2 very cold days, but we had a lot of fun.

Dolce both days gained Very Good.
Mia got Promissing both days.

Kiyo became 3rd Very Promissing on Saturday
and 4th Very Promissing ons Sundy.
Way to go Crista!!!


We had a lot to updae at the website.
En todat I took the time to do all this work.

It was not possible to update the whole newspage, because so many things happend last months.

Some of the things last months:

** Mia, Zara and Kiyo made there start in the showring.
Mia 4th Very promissing, Zara 3rd Very promissing, Kiyo 4th Very promissing.

** Mia, Angie, Ivy, Zara, Siep, Angels and Kiyo made there start at coursing.
Ivy showed us, she got her mommy’s genes, by become 1st in her age category.

** Some of the puppy’s already made a nice walk together.

** Half July, Zara moved to Ireland, and she is having a great live overthere.

All our ABBA puppy’s enjoyed there summer.
Some of them already have been on real vacations with there owneers.

All off them are doing real good.

Unfortunally, totally unexpected we found a dermoid sinus in Ive her neck.
Our puppy are checked for DS by so many people and so many times,
but nobody have felt the DS before.
But Ivy is allready operated and the DS is removed.
Luckely it was not attached to anything, and the operation was done very fast.
Ivy is recovering, and the stupid thing is out of her.

Our own trio is also doing very good.
Dolce and Mia are real friends and having a lot of party’s together.
Rusty is doing his own easy thing.
But he is also happy with Mia now, and don’t think she is a scary puppy anymore.

Now thee website is up to date again, we will keep it that way.
We have a lot of plans coming up, that we want to share wit you.

For now, all the personal pages and photo albums of the puppy’s are up to date.
Also the pages of our own dogs are up to date again.

So take you time, to look around.
And don’t forget our facebookpage, all our abba-puppy’s have there own
photo album there.
You can also find the pictures of Ivy her DS operation there.


We are very busey with updating the whole website.
But with all the new Hidaya-family members, we have a lot of work to do.
We think all our Abba-puppy’s deserve there own page at our website.
All most all puppy’s live at there new home now.
Some of them we have already seen again.
And it is so great, to see there waggling tails when they see us,
they are so happy.
But it is also great to see the connection they have with there new family’s already.

We are so thankfull for all the updates we get from the new owners!
We enjoy all the pictures and we are happy the call us when they have a quastion.

Keep going this way!!

Dolce is starting to be her self again.
She is still busey with the puppy that are still in our house.
But she also run her rounds at he couring field again.
We are happy with her fast recovery.

And Rusty, slowly starts to get used to Mia.
Just a little while and then he can play with her.
And we can’t wait for that day 🙂

We already have been away for a weekend with Rusty, Dolce, Mia and Zara.
We had a coursing weekend with the RRCN.
All dogs came with us and the caravan, and the puppy’s did great.
Ze have seen and done a lot and were so tired after the weekend 🙂


The puppy’s are already 2 weeks old.
The are still doing so great!

We updated a lot of pages again.


Finally some time to update the website again.
The puppy’s are moving around more and more, so we will get busier and busier.

Sometime I just don’t have time enough to keep the web and the photoalbum up to date.
The puppy’s are coming at the first place.

But everything is up to date again and you can enjoy all the new pictures.

You can find the pictures from the 2nd week of the puppy’s HERE


Between cleaning everything and taking care of the puppy’s, i try to keep the website up to date.
It doesn’t get always, the way I want it, but today i put a lot off pictures on the website.
Also the abba-diary is up to date again.


After the nightmare from last Wednesday we ar finsing ourself back a little bit.
We are still very sad about that we lost our Jambo.
Our first ridgeback, with him it all started, the big ridgeback adventure.
Everyday he explored the world again.

But we go on, for Rusty, Dolce and our 11 abba’s.
They need us and we need them.

We try to enjoy them as much as we can.
And slowly the pain in our hearts will be better, and the loss will find his place.

So we started to update the website again.
The album from the first week of our abba’s is up to date again.

Almost 1 week old already!
And the grow so fast.
We are so proud of Dolce, unless she is really missing her big example,
she still is a great mommy for her baby’s.

We want to thank everybody, for all the messages we received in any kind of way.
The bear, the clown, 3-legged, coursingchampion, everbody had there own name for our boy.
And we noticed that he was in many peoples hearts.
I still hope people will know us for a long time, from the coursing ridgeback on 3 legs. 🙂

But special thanks to all our future puppyowners.
Who totally understand, that we were not availible for the last days.
No webcam, no updates.
They all understand why.

And now we go for our ABBA-team again, who got the best gardian angel, we can wish for.

Puppy Jambo


This morning I put the happy photo under online.
But an hour later a big dark day came over us.
As fast as we could, we drove to our vet, and there was
only 1 decission we could make.


Pictures of 1st week are updated!


Our Abba-puppy’s are doing great!
They all grow very good, and they eat and sleep a lot.
That is what we want1

Dolce is also doing fine.
It is a lot of work for, but we help her!

We updated the abba-diary again.
There you can also find a link to our a lot of pictures!


There they are! our ABBA-team!!

Saturday 21st March our 11 puppy’s were born.
We have 3 boys and 8 girls.
1 female got offset crowns and 1 female got a double box and a little bit to much white on her front paws.
The other 9 puppys are correct.

DS will be checked later.

We are so proud of Dolce and her 11 children.

More updates will follow soon in our Abba-diary.


Everything is still calm here and the puppy’s let us wait a little longer.
We updated the abby-diary.

Dolce day 61 – 89 CM


We updated the abba-diary.

My friend, my buddy, my everything.

You did not had the best start this year, but you are back again!
Happy 7th birthday my boy.

Wish you many more years to come.


Dolce day 57.
She is still doing great.


The abba-diary is up to date again.


Dolce day 53


The abba diary is up to date again!
1,5 week to go!


Dolce day 49, 80 cm


We updated the abba-diary again.

Garri od Kovaroske Hurky
(father to our upcoming litter)


The ABBA-diary is up to date again.

At this moment we still have some places free at our waitinglist.
If you are interested in a puppy from Dolce, feel free to contact us.


We update the abba diary

Day 35 / 69 cm.


Today we went to the vet again with Dolce.
We could see the embryo’s good and there were enough to see.

We updated the abba diary again about today.


We update the ABBA-diary again.

Dolce day 28, 66 cm


Today Jambo, celebrates his 1 year on 3 legs birthday!
Now we van really say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

We are so unbelieveble proud of him!
We see he is getting older now, and everything is not going so easy anymore.
But almost every day he goes for a walk with us, he enjoy life, so it is ok!

And we are happy with every single day!


Today was the day!
The echo!
And Yes, Dolce is pregnant!

You can find more info about the Echo, in the ABBA-diary!


We updated the abba-diary again

Dolce day 21


We made an update in our Abba-diary again.

Rusty is also doing great.
Today we removed the last stitches.
We have to be carefull untill the wound is totally closed,
but everything looks really good!


We updated our ABBA-diary again.

Dolce Pregnancy day 14, 61 cm.


3 years already, that we had to give up the fight for this sweet girl.
We still miss het, but we now look back to all the great memories with a smile.


We update the abba-diary.

Pregnancy day 7


Yesterday we have been to the vet with Rusty for his leg.
He already had to go the for a check, but when I arrived home in the afternoon,
we saw that the lowest part of the wound was bigger.
At the the that seams to be a cyroom.
That means that it was filled whit blood.
When we would not do anything about it, it would have been in his whole leg today.
So the vet opened it, and there came out a lot.
He put a bandage on Rusty’s leg again and we have to clean that 1 or 2 time a day.
To be sure, the stitches will not be removed before tuesday.
But the vet said, the rest of the woud looks good.

The healing proces, takes a litlle longer, but with the good result from yesterday, it doesn’t matter.

In the abba-diary we wrote a part from the pregnancy calender.
So we can follow what happend is Dolce’s body.


Lot’s of updates.
We have made our trip to Czech.
Dolce and Garri had 2 good matings.
So we expect our ABBA puppy’s to be born around March 21st.
Half february we will make an echo to see if Dolce is pregnant.
You can read everything about our trip and updates about Dolce’s pregnancy in our ABBA-diary.

Today also thee vet called about Rusty.
And we are over the moon with the result.
The tumor is totally removed, and had gradation 1-2.
The live expectation is around 5 years.
Well then Rusty is almost 12, so then we will see again.
For now we are just very very happy.

Pregnancy Day 1, belly is 60 cm now.


This morning we did a new progesteron test with Dolce,
so with made an update in our Abba-diary.

Rusty also has been to the vet again.
The vet removed the bandage from his leg today.
It is big wound, but the vet is happy how it look.
Everything looked ok, so also the drain is removed.
We don’t need a new bandage, and the wound now must heal.

When everything will stay like this, we have to come back
next friday to remove the stitches.


We update the Abba Diary!!

Today Rusty is operated.
Last week we went to the vet for prostate problems.
He also had a lumb on his leg since a while, so we also checked that.
Last mondy we got the results.
His prostate is ok, only big.
But unfortunally the lumb on his leg is an mastocytoom.
Today the vets did there best to remove the whole “thing”.
Now we have to wait for the result if the whole tumor is removed, and to know
what grade the tumor is.
We really hope for the best!

Because the prostate problem, and Rusty already being under narcose,
we decieded it would be the best to castrate him also today.

His whole leg is packed now.
Friday we will go back to the vet, to change everything.


We made the first update in our Abba-diary, were you can follow everything
about our upcoming litter.


Dolce is in heat!
Next week we wil go for the 1st progesteron test.
We also started our abba-diary, were we will write all the info about the upcoming litter.

Click here to go to our Abba diary

Soon these 2 dogs will be a couple!


We wish you all a great 2015!
We hope 2015 will be a great dog-year!

Long walks, coursings, canicross, shows, etc.
We have a lot of plans for 2015.
But first we wait untill Dolce’s heat will start.
And we hope our very first litter will be born in the beginning of this year.