Chaos litter (2021)

Born 23 April 2021

4 puppies
2 males (both correct)
1 female (correct)
1 female (stillborn, 3rd crown)

All puppies from our Chaos litter are
SOD1 (DM): Free by parentage
Blue Dilute: Free by parentage
JME: Free by parentage

Hidaya Ultimate Chaos

NSHB: 3236547
Sex: Male
Bite: Puppybite correct
Ridge: Correct

Hidaya Captain Chaos
“Meneer Janssen”

NHSB: 3236548
Sex: Male
Bite: Complete Siccor bite
Ridge: Correct

Hidaya Queen of Chaos

NSHB: 3236549
Sex: Female
Bite: Siccor bite (1x P2 missing)
Ridge: Correct

Click HERE for Zoë her own page


Heavens Red Angel by Luanda Ridgerules Ifa my Treasure
“Ani” “Ifa”
Date of birth: 10-04-2017Date of birth: 24-06-2013
Height: 68 cmHeight: 69 cm
Weight: 40 kgWeight: 45 kg
Bite: CorrectBite: Correct
HD-Free / ED-Free / LTV-FreeHD-Free / ED-free / LTV-Free
Blue Dilute: Free
DM-SOD1: Free
EOAD: Free
Hemophilia B: Free
JME: Free
B-locus: B/B

Blue Dilute: Free
DM-SOD1: Free
EOAD: Carrier
Hemophilia B: Free
JME: Free
Ridge: R/r
B-locus: B/B
D-locus: D/D
Slovenian Champion
Scent Detection level 1
Mantrailing level 1
Mantrailing level 2

Junior Champion
International Champion
Swedish Champion

Owner: Joyce van Oudheusden
Webpage: Ani
Owner: Emelie Pisano
Webpage: Ifa

Pedigree of the puppies