News 2016


Finally time to update the website again.

The BB-diary is up to date.
And at the BB-litter page, you find some new links to the photo albums,
from the last weeks.



The puppy’s are 2 weeks already.
They are doing great and I love all of them 🙂

We update the BB-diary again and we add a new photo album.

BB-litter 2 weeks old.

But we also have very good news from our ABBA-litter!
Hiday Honey Honey (Angel), got her official x-ray results.
HD-A (free) and ED-free.



Our Puppies are already 1,5 week old.
And they are doing so great!

We update our BB-diary.

Also a lot net pictures online.

Click on the link:
BB-litter week 1
BB-litter week 2
BB-litter headshots 1 week old



And here they are!
Our 10 bello’s and bella’s
October 23rd Dolce gave birth to the most beautifull, sweetest and lovely puppy’s.
We have 7 males and 3 females.

And we our so proud!

1 8

More info at our BB-litter page.


Small update in our abba-diary



We update te BB-litter diary with a movie of the puppie dancing in Dolce’s belly.


Welcome at our brand new website.
Due to circumstanses I was not able to upload our old website anymore.
So i made a new one.

Unfortunalle we could not update in the meanwhile, so a lot of storys are missing 🙁

First of al Dolce:
Yes she is pregnant!!
And already in her last weeks 🙂
She is doing great!
She only wants food, food and more food.
Oh and being lazy on the sofa.
And we have to wait untill next weekend, to so Dolce and Rio’s litlle miracles.


Mia is still our big litlle puppy.
She don’t like it when her mommy don’t want to play anymore.
But she had her first mantrailing lession this week and she loved it.
Mia is just the happy little girl we need.


And then the horrible update about the sweetest boy ever.
My friend, my collegue, my shadow, my everything Rusty.
We still can’t believe it, but on 28th of september we lost our sweet liverboy.

Monday before he became sick, and I drove with him to te vet.
The echo showed us, problems on his spleen.
We took the risk and try the operation.
We were so happy to hear he survived.
We knew he was not safe yet, because he lost a lot of blood.
He stayed at the vet, and we had a horrible night.
But the next morning he was doing a little bit better.
And accutally untill wednesday afternoon he made very small but positive steps.

Just half an our before everything went wrong, i talked the vet, en we were so poitive.
His blood was stable and he was awake and doing so good for his situation.
I drove to the vet, to visit him again.

When I arrived at the vet’s office I saw that they called me a lot of times.
I run inside, and one of the vets was waiting for me.
I still can hear her saying, “I don’t know how to tell you, so i tell you directly, but Rusty died just one minute ago”

Nobody knows what exactly went wrong, and we will never now.
Our heart are broken.
So young, so unexpected, and without being with him, he and we lost the fight.

Now after two week, I still have moments I can’t believe it is true.
We need time to deal with this, a lot of time.

Dear Rusty,
So unexpected as you came into my live, so unexpected you left me.
There will never be a dog like you, my very very best friend.

I hope with all I have, that there will be something after this live, were we meet again.


The very last picture, made when I visit Rusty around noon.

A couple days after we lost Rusty, his breeder Milade, made a wonderfull movie of his life.
I still can’t look at it without tears, but i also have a very small smile.
So much beautifull memories.
Thank you so much dear Milada!


We update the b-litter diary.


Beau and Kiyo from our ABBA litter went for a walk together, this morning.
Crista made some nice pictures of this walk.

Click HERE to see the rest of the pictures.


Today became a wonderfull day!
2,5 week ago, one of our ABBA puppy’s had to be rehomed.
My friend Elise, would take care for her for a while, so she could recover,
and we had the possibilty to search for the perfect home.
But now after 2,5 weeks Angel seems the perfect match for Elise and her family.

And today they deceided, Angel will stay with Elise and her family forever.
Elise & Co you are the best. Thank you so much for taking care for
my little Angel


Dolce is in heat!
Our B-litter adventure will start.

Dolce wil be mated by the gorgerous livernose male
Nemoyo Wangu Amore Rio Reiser

We will expect the puppy’s of Dolce and Rio in October 2016.



Busey time at Hidaya place 🙂
Rusty, Dolce and Mia are doing great.

Rusty found a great new hobby, mantrailing.
Together we have so much fun, finding the “victim”.

Dolce always is our happy girl 🙂
Enjoying every day of life.

Mia grown up, to a lovely naughty teenager.
You can always find her, where her mother is.

We have done some updates at our website.
We have found the perfect male, for our 2nd litter with Dolce.
More information will follow soon.
At our page with litterplans, you can already find something about him.

Soon we will start to fill the photoalbums of our ABBA-puppy’s again.
They are already one year old.
And they are all doing great with there owners.


Today I gave a workshop Canince massage for dogs with stress.
Martijn liked is to join the workshop together with Dolce,
and Rusty is always with me to example things.
Today one of the students, also massaged Rusty.


Today Rusty and I went to a workshop aboud dog braingames for instructors.
We got a lot of information, that we can use.
And Rusty loved it to do the games.


Today, Martijn, Dolce, Mia and Myself gave a workshop Canicross,
for new canicrossers.
In the newspaper, they wrote a big article about it with a great,
picture of Dolce an me.

Of course we are a litlle bit proud of that.


We ar planning Dolce’s 2nd and last litter for autumn 2016.
At the moment we are looking for a suitable male.
When we found him, we wil announce it at the website.

When you are interested in a puppy from Dolce, or you just want some information,
Please dont hesistate to contact us.


Today we visit Ridge in Belgium.
He has grown so hard, but he is also doing so great!
We are very proud of him!


Today Mia and Kiyo were entered for the CACIB show in Hoogstraten (B).
Mia achieved a very good without placement and
Kiyo became 3rd Very Good.

As one of the youngest in there class, with just 9 months, I am very happy, how they behaved.


We wish you all a great 2016!