BB – litter Diary


Our puppy’s are already 5,5 weeks old now.
We have been so busey, that we did not have the time to update the website.

Puppy’s are doing great, but take all our time.

The puppy’s play inside and outside now.
Outside for short moment, as the wheater is cold.

This week the puppy’s also has been microchipped, and they did wonderfull.
today we took all the puppies outside on a leash.
just for a couple minutes, as it was so cold for them.

Next week, they will be vaccinated and we will get some outside
sociallisation adventures with them.
And about 2 weeks the first puppies are already leaving,
time went so fast.

On the bb-litter page, you can find the links to the new photo albums, that are online now.



2 weeks old already!
Time is going so fast.

The bello’s and bella’s are doing sooo good.
Carefully they start to explore the world 🙂
Some of them already had a small look outside the whelpingbox,
and miss pink is the first who try to play with her brothers and sister.
Most of the time she is falling, as the don’t stand very good yet.
But it is so funny to see them.

We add new photo’s in the week 2 album and we also made headshots today.
You can find the link to the albums at the bb-litter page.



Our Bello and Bella are already 10 days old.
The are doing wonderfull.

Alle doubled there birthweight now.
And Mr purple is a big bear, with 1200 grams.

yesterday Mr green and Ms Orange deceided to look at the world therself,
and started to open there eyes a little bit.

Ms Pink and Mr Purple, want to move faster and made there first litlle steps.
Well they try 😉

We are so proud of Dolce, who is doing really a great job.
The first week she was only in the whelpingbox with her puppies.

But now she go for a walk with us again, and during the night she sleeps,
with me on my bed next to the puppy’s.
And a couple times we wake up, to feed the puppies.

And our bello’s and bella’s are just easy going, happy litlle babies.

The also got there official names now 🙂

We enjoy every second with our puppies and as they are already 1,5 week old,
time is really going to fast for me.
I know, the future owners can not wait untill they are 8 weeks,
but for us it is going so fast already.

At te BB-litter page you can find different links to the photo albums of our wonderfull 10.



And there they are. After a restless night with almost no sleep, Dolce deceided to start the
delivery at 5 in the early morning, on the bed.
In 6 hours she gave birth to 10 beautifull little puppies.
7 males and 3 females.
We are so proud at dolce and her 10 little wonders.



After a heavy day and night for Dolce, everything is quit again.
I think the puppy’s moved a lot yesterday to come in the good place, for there next trip.
And now all are sleeping, and saving there energy for there next journey 🙂

Already the whole morning Dolce is sleeping in the litterbox.
We changed the warm pillows for sheets now.
The she can dig around to make her nest.
(ofcourse there is a big pillow under the sheets 🙂 )

Dolce’s temperature is still around 38C.
So will wil take our rest today.

And Mia….
Our little energybomb changed into a great helper.
She is where Dolce is.
This morning she became a pillow for Dolce.
So sweet!



Last week started today.
We are very excited again, to see Dolce litlle miracles.

Everything becomes a bit heavy for Dolce.
And she spend her time, with sleeping and eating.

Now and then the little bello’s and bella’s having a party in her belly.
We made a video of the puppies moving.

Unforunally the program of our old website died, and I was nog able to update my website anymore.
So I deceided to make a new website.
But due to different circumstances, it took some time and so the BB-litter diary was not updated, in that time.

Well a lot is happend, between my last update and now.

At August 14th and 16th we had 2 good matings, between Dolce and Rio.
And at September 16th we saw the result, on the echo.
A bunch of litte puppy’s were there.

And how time flies!
Dolce already is in het last 2 weeks.
Almost everything is ready, to say hello to the little miracles.
Dolce sleeps a lot, eats a lot, and cuddles a lot.
We enjoy it 🙂

From now we will update this dairy again!!
Happy that it is finished before the puppy’s are born.


Today we did the first progesteron test.
Result was 0,2.
So no time for a mating yet. Friday we will test again.


Yes, it really started!!
Yesterday morning we had some doubts, but after an afternoon full of cleaning herself,
today there is no doubt anymore.
Dolce is in heat!!

We are looking forward to our new puppyadventure!
Tuesday we will do our first progesteron test.

Exciting times are coming again.
We will keep you informed by our website ande Facebook.


We already tought Dolce would start here heat a little bit earlier as expected (september).
But today it seems her heat started.
We found some blood.
We will see if Dolce really start her heat, and our BB adventure will start.