News 2019

We plan our C-litter for summer 2020.
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Angel, form our Abba Litter (garri x Dolce), passed her scent detection level 5 Exam.
We are very proud of Angel and het owner Elise.
Many congratulations!!



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Last weekend I want for a special visit to Sweden. I had a great time, with wonderfull people and beautifull dogs.

More news about this visit will follow soon ☺️.



Our beautifull boy Akiki celebrate his 12th birthday!! When he came to live with is we would not expect that he would become this age. It deels he want to enjoy his life with us, a bit longer.

Dear “opa” stay the happy, naughty old men you are! We will celebrate every day of life with you, as long as we get.



Today it is 3 years ago that our Bello and Bella litter was born.

We all wish you a happy 3rd birthday and hope for many more beautiful years with your owners.

Our bellow and bello just a couple hours old



Yesterday finally was the day. Time for the ultrasound to see if Ani is pregnant.
Although she was behaving very pregnant the last for week, we did not see any puppies at the Ultrasound.

Ofcourse we are sad that Amon and Ani will not be parents of our C-litter in november.

We want to thank all our future puppy owners for their trust in us and Ani.
I hope we can bring you better news next year.



The crazy litter diary is up to date again.

Ani is doing fine. Her priorities at this moment are: Food, Sleep, Food, Sleep, Food, Sleep…. and some more food 😉



Our crazy litter diary is up to date again 🙂

Ani and Amon, when they still were small babies



We updated the crazy litter diary.

This weekend Ani and me, where at a 3-day mantrailing seminar.
Our instructor was Karin Lee from the British Mantrailing Academy.
We learned so much, and it was really great weekend.



This weekend Ani was mated by Amon 🙂
So now the waiting begin again. In a couple weeks we will do an echo to see if ani is pregnant.
In the meantime we will keep you informed in our Crazy litter diary.



Ani is taking her time, and Amon still waits for the right moment.
The Crazy litter diary is up to date again.



We did another update in the crazy litter diary



Update in the crazy litter diary



I’am so very proud to tell you who is the male for Ani her fist litter
For more information please take a look at our C-litter page.



Last weekend we made some new pictures of Ani and Akiki!

Ani is 2,5 years and Akiki is 11 years and 10 months old.



We have news!!! Ani is in heat!
Our c-litter adventure has started.
Like every litter we make a diary, were we will write some updates now and then.
You can find the diary here.

We hope to welcome a bunch of healthy puppies in the middle of november.
If you are interested in a puppy from Ani, you are welcome to contact us.

Ani, when she was still a baby herself!



Our last update is already a month ago.
So it is time to give you some updates.

Well the first, no Ani is not in heat yet….
It seems nature is testing our patients a bit 😉
Last week Mia en Dolce both started their heat, a bit early as normal, and Ani is now a bit late. So we think the girls are waiting for each other, and we think/hope Ani wil follow Dolce and Mia soon.

In in the meantime we enjoyed our summer holiday.
Made some long walks with the dogs, and we had some activities.
Last weekend Ani, Dolce and myself participate a workshop
Rubble Search.
For Ani it was de 2nd time and for Dolce the first.
The girls loved it.

Our summer holiday we stayed at home and have been working at our house very hard (we are renovating an old farm house).

And we had a visitor 🙂
Nala, little miss red from our B litter stayed with us for 2 weeks.
It was so great to have her around us again.
She was directly accepted by the pack, and became best friends with ani.
they played whole day long 🙂

Nala and me 🙂
I did not see her for a year, but she directly recognized me!

I ad some pictures, at the personal pages of
Nala, Enzo and Ivy,
And at the @work pages from Dolce and Ani, you will see some more pictures of our rubble search workshop.



We are busy to make our future puppy place ready for our upcoming litter.
Ani is not in heat yet, but there signs enough that it won’t take long anymore.
We will see when nature thinks it is time 🙂

We also received some pictures from our offspring Beau (DolcexGarri) & Zina (DolcexRio).
You can find more pictures at there own pages.



Today I did some Scent detection training with Ani.
And also with Dolce and Nero, but no video of them at this time.
This was about the 3rd time that she did search a room.
You can see her “freeze” when she locate scent.



Zara (Dolce X Garri).



Today Ani and me, went to CAC show Emsdetten in Germany.
We practise a lot last weeks to make Ani more confident at show.
Outside the ring she did perfect.
In the ring she was much better, she stacked like a pro and she runned like she never did before.
Only…. the judge was not allowed to touch her 🙁
For that reason he had to give her a very good.
she got 3rd place out of 10 bitches.

We got a beautiful report, and the words of the judge afterwards made me very proud. We go practice more.

Overall we I had a Wonderfull day with my friends Ilse and Esther, who took all the prizes home 😉

Ani, 3rd place very good



This is Randal, from our ABBA litter (dolce x Garri).
You can find more pictures at his personal page.



We received some lovely pictures from our offspring Beau (Dolce X Garri)



Again I received some really nice pictures from one of our offspring. 
Angel (Dolce X Garri).
Angel is like her mother active in scent detection. 
Both achieved Level 1,2,3, & 4 SIFD scent detection. 
But Angel still is working for a next level, soon she wel do het exam for Level 5. 
More pictures at her own page. 


We received some pictures of our offspring.
Thank you dear puppyowners. I am very happy to receive the pics.
Al 21 puppies from Dolce are still  my little babies, who I care about a lot.
More pictures can be found at there own pages.

Siep (Dolce X Garri)                     Foo (Dolce X Rio)

Djambo (Dolce X Rio)                  Dax (Dolce X Rio)

Ridge (Dolce X Garri)                                    Dino (Dolce X Rio)


This evening Ani and me had our exam for scent detection level 1. 
For Ani it was a peace of cake to find the scent I trained her for, in a line up between other scents (4 times). 
So Ani received het scent detection level 1 certificate! 


Our C-litter page is online.
Click HERE to go to the page directly.

We update some pages at the website from our dogs and we started to update the offspring pages for our A and B litter.

Last weekend my friend Ilse took some pictures of our oldest Akiki and youngest Ani.
Thanks dear for those lovely pics!

kiekdsc_6349 kiekhoofddsc_6357
Akiki 11 years and 6 months old

Ani 25 months old

We also received a picture of our offspring Nala (Dolce X Rio)

Nala 2,5 years old!


Martijn and Nero achieved there level 1 for scent detection.
With this Nero follows his mother Dolce and half sister Angel who both are level 4 scent detection.



Ani and me went to Slovenia for a small holiday.
We enjoyed the long walks and the lovely wheater.
But we also went to CACIB Maribor, where Ani received some nice results.

20-04-2019: 1 EXCELLENT with CAC SLO
21-04-2019: 2 EXCELLENT with res. CAC SLO



We did some updates at the website.
Al the dogs pages are up to date again.

For now we are planning Ani her first litter for autumn/winter 2019.