Show reports Davu

03-09-2023 CAC RRCN Specialty (NL) / Judger: Mrs. L. Flinterova (SK)
Junior Class

Slightly bigger but nice type.
Good masculine head.
Well balanced dog with good substance.
Good teeth. Good topline.
Ridge not tappering nicely.
Slightly shorter upperarm.
Excellent angulation behind.
Good feet, nice temperament.
Nice presentation.
4 Excellent

05-08-2023 CAC Rotterdam (NL) / Judge: Mrs. A. Tarjan (HU)
Puppy Class

Good head, Kind expression.
Correct ears.
Good top and underline.
Correct ridge.
Good movement and tail.
1 Very Promising
Best Puppy

27-05-2023 BRRC Ridgeback Specialty (B) / Judge: Mr. T. Trinic (CRO)
Minor Puppy Class

6 months old
Very good path of the head, good position of the ears
correct bite, strong neck
excellent topline, correct croupe
excellent rear angulation
excellent upperarm
excellent in the movement, excellent movement in the side
1 Very Promising
Best Minor Puppy