Puppy price

As breeders we have the impression that we have to explain, how we come to our puppy price.
So we will do that at this page.

Now and then we got questions about our price.
When people hear that the price for a ridgeback puppy is € 1350,- that sometimes surprises them.
Because that is lower than the indicated price on the website of our breedclub. It is lower as the price a lot of other breeders ask, and now and then it is lower as the price for a puppy (pure bred, but also cross breeds or without pedigree), as you can find on a dutch kind of e-bay (Marktplaats).

So people sometimes ask us, if there is something wrong with our puppies, or if we do less examinations with our dogs we breed. Or that we put less time in our puppies and dogs. And we also got the question if our price is this low because we have problems to find owners for our puppies.
And a last we hear that we atrract the wrong buyers for the puppies with this price.

All of this is not the case!!

We are members of our Dutch breedclub (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland), and of course we only breed according their rules. Our dogs get the best care there can be. They also got food that is good for their own age and activity, en before we decide to breed with one of our dogs we do a lot of medicall examinations (even more then we need to do according to the rules of the breedclub).
When one of our dogs will not be used for breeding, he or she will stay with us the rest of his/her life. We do not rehome dogs that will not be bred or that are finished breeding.

Also for our puppies, nothing is too much.
They will be dewormed, we titer the puppies (vaccination), they will get a microchip and passport, they get a pedigree.
And of course they get al the medical attention they need.
Last but not least we put a lot of time in a perfect socalisation.

So why is our puppy price is lower than other breeders, or lower as the price the breedclub describes?

The answer very clear. For us it is not nescessary to aks a higher price for a ridgeback puppy.
The breed and breeding is our passion. We put a lot of time and effort in our dogs, and we call this a hobby.

When we breed a litter, we are satisfied if we break even in the costs.
Sometime you have bad luck as a breeder and then costs are higher as the gainings of the puppies.
And sometime everything goes fine, and then you’ll have a bit more.

If their is some money left after breeding a litter, we invest it back in the dogs or the future of our breeding.

We don’t have to make money from breeding. That does not mean that breeders who have a higher puppyprice always want to make money from a litter. Every breeder makes his/her own decissions about the price.

Acctually our puppies are priceless!
But with this we hope that could explain you how we came to our puppyprice.

When you have questions, please contact us.